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The Wheatgrass contains 92 of the 166 knowned minerals that the body need's.

Rich in chlorophylle (70%), it contains vitamine A, B, C and E. You will also find some Iron, Magnesium, Sodium and Zinc.

The property's of chlorophylle are very concentrate in the wheatgrass that regenerate an action in the blood, nutrelize toxins and lows down hypertension.

It detoxify the liver, lungs, stop's all forms of bacteria and controls blood sugar level. It also feed's the sexual glands... yes...yes.!

Ìt will help you get through your daily calendar activity's.

The american army has already made a study on chlorophyle that consisted too compare 2 groups that have been exposed to high frequency radioactive doses.

In their conclusion, the group that received a rich amount of chlorophyle in their vegetable had a 50% less mortal effect than others members of the other group that had not received some chlorophylle.